Student Progress Policy

Introduction :

       It describes in detail the procedures to be followed when students make insufficient progress and help them in achieving their full potential.

General Principles of this Policy :

  1. Teachers have the responsibility of monitoring the progress of students  including subject achievement and skill development.
  2. Students are expected to take a high level  responsibility for managing their own progress, and teachers will support them to develop the necessary skills to do this.

Progress Management Assistance :

  1. A group of students shall have a proctor, who monitors regularly their welfare and academic progress.
  2. Attendance data, progress information, assignment and assessment marks are assessed by proctors.
  3. Student support plans, including detailed management planes for students with special educational needs or disability are developed and put in place if required.
  4. In future, the college will introduce individual learning plans.
  5. Target grades will be set for each student and they are adjusted through formative and summative assessment from time to time.
  6. Students overall learning needs are constantly monitored by the academic staff.
  7. Students are encouraged to be proactive and self – motivated managing their progress by putting maximum efforts.

Review of progress by Teachers :

  1. Teachers monitor the attendance and progress of students persistently.
  2. In addition to academic achievement. General welfare, skill development and acculturation are taken care of by the teachers.
  3. The proctor concerned is readily available to the redressal of the grievances.
  4. Proctors monitor attendance and achievement data of students as recorded by teachers from time to time.
  5. Proctors provide balanced feed back to students including positive and constructive comments.
  6. The teachers acknowledges achievements and discuss the areas of improvement and help the students to better their performance.
  7. Where concerns continue, the tailor refers the matter to the relevant academic manager or welfare manager.

Additional Classes :

  1. Extra tuitions can be arranged to the slow learners to give them additional support.
  2. If needed one-on-one or group tuition is provided to give ad-hoc assistance to the students.

Conditions for provision of Extra tution :

  1. Tuition must be provided on college premises during college opening hours in accordance with college policies and procedures.
  2. Payment will be collected in advance directly by college.
  3. The academic coordinator must review and approve all consent forms before extra tuition is arranged.