Staff Code of Conduct Policy

Staff Code of Conduct Policy :

                                The aim of this code is to promote good standard of conduct among the staff members. All the staff members should be aware of the fundamentals of this policy, like the source of advice and support about the appropriate conduct and the disciplinary actions to be faced for the breach of code.

Expected Conduct :

Employees has to

  • Be courteous with students, colleagues and visitors of the college.
  • Follow the rules and procedures of the college.
  • Be sincere in their duty and promote the good name of the college.
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of all college information.
  • Take reasonable steps to curb any activities of discrimination.
  • Participate in the training and development programs that contribute to the prosperity of the college.
  • Be careful in their dressing, language and behaviour.
  • Be punctual and prompt and make best use of working hours.
  • Be vigilant over any misuse of the college infrastructure either by the students or by others.

Professional Relationships :

  1. The college strives to provide learning friendly atmosphere and to maintain good rapport between the faculty and the students.
  2. Employee must be aware of their professional boundaries.
  3. They should never get themselves involved in the activities that are against the ethics of their profession.
  4. The employees have to maintain positive social relationship in the adult learning environment.
  5. The staff should also avoid giving much lenience to the students which has detrimental impact on both of them.

Personal Conduct Outside the College :

                                An employee conduct in his/her private life affects the reputation of the college. Any offensive activity that is against the approved societal norms should not be carried out.

Benefits and advantages :

                                Employees must avoid accepting any gifts or benefits that compel them to make compromises in their duty.