Students Admission Policy

Student Admission Policy and Procedures

Introduction :

Student Admission Policy and Procedures is for the application and admission of students into different programmes of the college.

General Principles :

  • The policy and procedures provide equal opportunities to students and fulfil the educational needs of the differentlyabled.
  • Students are given unbiased guidance or advice.
  • Students have the right to appeal about any aspect of the way in which their application or admission was managed.
  • College has the right to cancel any programme onto which students have been accepted, in accordance with its rules and regulations.

Implementation of Policy and Procedures :

  • All feeder colleges and the students applying individually should be made aware of the terms of student admissions policy and procedures by the Academic Cell (AC) of the college.
  • AC monitors the student application and admission process, by providing the materials and means for application to the students.
  • All the applications are processed by the AC in accordance with students Admissions policy and procedures.
  • The entry requirements like student age, academic qualification etc. are looked after by AC

Admission Process :

            The applications are received directly from an individual or via submitting an application along with the required documents by post.

  • As per the latest instructions and guidelines of the C.C.E the college undergoes the process of making admissions through online process.
  • The AC maintains the records of all student applications and admissions.
  • The eligible students are given scholarships as per the Government norms and procedures laid by Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • In case of cancellation of admission, the college never refund any fee paid by the student.