Students Attendance Policy

Student Attendance Policy

Aim of the Policy :

The aims of the attendance policy are

  1. To ensure that staff and students are aware of their responsibilities for attendance and absence to the statutory requirements detailed within the education Act of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Provide clarity on the college expectations of student attendance.

Advantages :

  1. Through this policy the college can monitor the attendance of the students and see that they get maximum benefit from all the educational opportunities offered by the college.
  2. Unauthorized absence and lateness is discouraged. Where it is appropriate, according to the student Disciplinary policy and procedures strict action will be taken.

Responsibilities of the Teachers :

  1. It is the teacher responsibility to maintain the attendance registers.
  2. Taking attendance should be completed within five minutes of each class.
  3. Failure to maintain a register will result in action under the staff code of conduct.
  4. Any concern including repeated or prolonged absence should be reported to the designated safeguarding Lead.
  5. If the student is absent for more than ten consecutive working days, the parents should be informed.